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Men's Thinning Hair products including Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatments just for men that want optimal thickness and growth! Our Biotin and Zinc Shampoo & Conditioner and serum work great for volume while Biotin builds optimal growth into each hair to stay its thickest! See more below!

Men's Zinc Hair Follicle Cleanser Shampoo




Deep Cleanse, Clarify to remove all build up that can weight hair down but also prevent it from growing properly. By removing these obstacles hair will grow its absolute thickest. And don't forget the conditioner - hair with low moisture content looks 15% thinner. This conditioner WILL NOT weight down your hair!





Men's Hair Thinning Kit For Thicker Hair With Biotin

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$49 - (2) Month Men's Biotin Optimal Growth Kit

This kit includes a 12 oz Biotin Shampoo, 8 oz Biotin Conditioner and (2) 1 oz Biotin and Zinc Serums! The result is optimal diameter of the hair and optimal growth. Biotin is known for promoting optimal hair growth in those that experience thinning of the hair and hair loss.





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Better/ Faster Hair Growth Kit

Powerful Ingredients Include: Zinc & Biotin. Every man needs zinc and the men with the lowest zinc levels in their scalp have the highest hair and scalp problems. Zinc pca is a special form of zinc that prevents many scalp issues. Zinc pca has been proven to prevent hair loss and thinning as well as other problems such as scalp itching and flaking and even overly oily scalp to name a few.

All of our products have a complete 30 day money back guarantee! All orders are shipped discretely for your privacy. Contact us if you have any questions and also make sure to check out our complete line of facial and skin care products that are targeted to men!

  Zinc Complex Follicle Cleanser Shampoo Men

  Biotin & Zinc Shampoo (12 oz) & Conditioner (8 oz)

  Biotin and Zinc Shampoo (12 oz)
  Biotin Conditioner (8 oz)

  Biotin "Grow" Serum by Boost



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